2016 Fuel injector cleaner Fuel system cleaner hot selling in Russia

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Fuel injector cleaner---Fuel system cleaner---Vehicle equipment


 Detailed Product Description:

 Injector cleaner, Fuel system cleaner
1.Portable and convenient
2.Suitable for most cars
3.OEM service

The engine fuel system cleaning machine can clean the engine's fuel system withourt any components ,when the engine is iding ,the authorized choices of solvents are circulating and being burned inside the engine, removing carbon,gum ,varnish and other contaminants from the engine's fuel system and com-bustion system to make the inside clean and recover theengine's performance reduce the exhaust gas the like KC,CO etc.


Drving force:


Pressure gauge:



5 KG

Tank Capacity:



Small Gasoline & Diesel Vehicle

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